Nearly invisible Text

I was discussing invisible text fields earlier but I also was complaining about almost invisible text such as seen in emails from I didn’t even see the “unsubscribe” text I was looking for. I read in help that it was supposed to be there so upon looking closer I could barely make it out and wasn’t even sure it said “unsubscribe” because it was such a light font. Why are developers doing this???

Because they’re young, with good eyesight, and haven’t been educated in accessibility issues, I imagine. It’s easy enough to test colour combinations to ensure sufficient contrast, both for those with “normal” vision and those with colour-blindness and other issues. e.g.

When I build a site, I want it to be accessible to the widest possible audience, but it seems many designers are unaware of basic accessibility techniques. I prefer to think it’s ignorance, rather than a total lack of concern.

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