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well hi!
Im an amateur developer. And im having problems with nav bar. I cannot find anywhere how to make navigation bar stick on the top when I click my other pages in HTML.
I want to have like … has. (this is not an advertisement) just an example.
Thank you very much

I’m not seeing anything that sticks to the top. All the links are pretty much at the bottom of the page.

I’m not seeing anything stick to the top either in that link?

If you want a nav that’s fixed to the top of the viewport you can use position:sticky these days.

Here’s a similar example for a header.

Or if you need IE support then something roughly like this.


ops, i didnt put full link …like this where it says womens,kids etc this type of nav bar :slight_smile:

That’s a sticky menu but only when you scroll back up to the top. When you scroll down it scrolls away. It will require JS to monitor the scroll event and I have another demo which is very similar here.

That shows you the bare bones of what you need to make this effect work.

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thank you for that but I still cant get it right. :confused:

You’ll have to show us a demo of what you have or the full css, js and html so we can see what the problem is. Do you have a link to the problem page?

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