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In the console of the browser I see sometimes:

Bouton runForA_GivenTime
10:12:15.197 script.js:88 Message tinme envoyé
10:12:15.470 script.js:311 heartbeat reçu
10:12:15.528 Navigated to
10:12:15.860 script.js:204 indexOnloadfunction

So the browser reload the page and I don’t know why ???
How can I debug that behaiviour ?
Many thanks for your help

If script.js is not your script, this is a little concerning. You might want to start by telling us what browser you are using, what site do you see this come up on and if you haven’t already, go to dev tools, browse to the site with the tools open then click the “sources” tab (in dev tools) and in the tree on the left, locate script.js. This should show you a listing of what is in script.js on the right panel and have a look at lines 88, 311 and 204. Do you know what this script.js is doing?

I show is pointing at two possible domain names… springpureinternational .com and xxsccd .com. Again another thing that is concerning unless you know what those sites are about.

If you see this only on a particular site, I would recommend staying away from that site. If you are seeing it in general browsing through other sites, I suggest you run a quick malware scanning just to rule out any malware that might be playing around with your browser.

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Thanks for your reply.
Yes script.js is made by myself…
The server is a micro contror made by myself too.
The network is a local network and no need internet access.
I place index.html in pastebin:
I place myscript.js in pastebin:

So if you can send any comment it will be very welcome !
Thanks a lot