Navbar customisation

Hi all,

Im still very very new to wordpress and I have installed a theme but I’m trying to add a permanent link to the homepage on the navbar because the navbar only shows the pages added. I have found where I think it needs to go but have tried a few things and nothing seems to work.

I think it needs to go into this part of code but not sure how

<div id="navbar">

        <?php wp_nav_menu('title_li=&depth=2&menu_class=menu'); ?>


Hope someone can help this novice - thanks in advance

Looking at the codex, this function displays a navigation menu created in the Appearance -> Menus panel

Have a read through the codex see if you can find what you’re after, otherwise if you just put:

<div class="access">
  <?php wp_nav_menu(); ?>

in your theme, what does that look like?

Thanks for replying - this is how the navbar currently is

Sorry but I don’t see a navbar anywhere?