Native code android (java) vs native code using cordova

Hi guys i wonder if i could use cordova to convert html5/css3/javascript to native code or using the ordinary code on android (java).
Which one is better?

It’s not really about better, it’s about factors like performance, speed of development, etc.

Go with native/Java if you need a better performing app, use lots of device hardware features, want a more native Android experience with regard to UI, conventions, etc.

Go with Cordova if you want to use the same web-based codebase on multiple platforms with little adaptation, if you need to develop quickly, you’re porting a Javascript codebase, or if you don’t use much in the way of hardware or new OS features.

I’ll throw my personal experience into the mix: unless you’re targeting KitKat (Android 4.4) or above, you’re gonna have a bad time making a Cordova-style app perform well if you do complex animations, etc. Chrome as the default webview rendering engine in 4.4+ makes development much nicer than against Android Browser in older versions. Currently KitKat is only installed on 20% of all Android devices, so you need either a controlled environment or the willingness to lose 75% of your potential audience to require it as a minimum for your app. People will upgrade over time which will expand your market, but Android updates take a lot longer than iOS for example.

thx @vgarcia your answer is what i’m looking for. The minium requirement is the worst problem i have to face :smiley: beside that there have another problem: performance, features, v.v… :smiley: anyway thx a lot heheh