Mysterious space below img inside table-cell div

Hello! I’m having a minor issue that I’m having trouble fixing. There’s a mysterious 3px space below an image, inside a table-cell div. It appears to be some sort of bottom padding for the div. But I can’t seem to figure out what it is or how to get rid of it. Two images attached. You can see at

Thank you in advance!

The URL says Page not found.

Sorry moved to

What is the default width of a div border? i.e. “initial”

Hi, geiger.

That space is associated with inline elements, such as images. In all cases, including table-cells, one can set the images to {display:block}. Within table-cells, one can set the elements to {vertical-align:top} or anything other than the default “baseline”.

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Cool, thanks! All fixed. display: block did the trick.

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