Mysqldump from MySQL 5.5 then restore to 5.1

I’m running vBulletin (forum software) on a Windows dedicated server. I recently had to upgrade the operating system to the latest version of Windows Server and in the process I also installed all the current versions of everything, including MySQL. (I restored the database from a mysqldump that was done before the upgrades).

Well now there are some small issues with vBulletin, and vBulletin kinda recommends downgrading MySQL (to make a long story short). So I’m going to use mysqldump to back up the current database, then I will simply uninstall MySQL 5.5 and then install 5.1, and restore the database from the dump file.

Is it safe to do that? I mean, is it safe to do the mysqldump from a later version of MySQL (in this case 5.5) and then restore it to an earlier version (in this case 5.1)? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


you should be okay, since the data is dumped using CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements, and there is general backwards compatibility

why not set up a separate mysql instance for the 5.1 version and test it?