MySQLCheck command not optimize tables?


on the server i ran:
mysqlcheck -u root -pmypassword --all-databases --check --auto-repair -F -C
it all looked OK, but i seen that data i deleted from mysql myisam table was still there awaiting optimization (i mean disk space was not freed and was visible as table overhead

So i want to ask how to adjust command so it really optimise myisam tabla i mentioned?

i tried to add optimize tag:
mysqlcheck -u root -pmypassword --all-databases --check --auto-repair -F -C --optimize

but it says “Error: mysqlcheck doesn’t support multiple contradicting commands.”

so i need to do second run of mysqlcheck with different parameters? I would like to avoid that as i have very high number of dbs,tables and data. Im runnign that on cronjob. Thank you

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