MySQL User Trying To Access MS SQL 2000

Hello All,

I have recently asked to build and maintain the databases for an established online retailer. The plan is to build the tables and “storefront” using php and MySQL which I am familiar with and eventually move everything over to my hosted server. However, in the mean time, we need to maintain the current databases to keep the operation going until we’re ready to move which may be a month out.

I’m gaining bits and pieces from the person I am replacing who I believe is hosting the site right now. I was told that I would need “a MS Entreprize manager software to access it.” Not sure if Enterprize is spelled correctly or not. I looked around even on the Microsoft website and have not been able to find anything that looks like what I need. I’m assuming this is sort of like a phpmyadmin type program that lets you interface with the databases.

Is this correct? Could anyone lead me towards a good, preferable free program to use. As I’m only going to be needing this for a month or so to keep the catalog updated, I don’t want to waste a ton of time learning a new platform. Just need to be able to perform updates on a MS SQL 2000 database.

I won’t say I’m an expert with MySQL, but with phpmyadmin, I am able to get the job done and write the appropriate php code to maintain my tables.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you,

i would look into using heidisql, which, although it started as a front end app for mysql only, now supports ms sql server

and you will absolutely love it over phpmyadmin – ferrari versus lada, if you axe me

If you want the MS program, you might see if you can locate an old sql server 2000 developer edition CD, which includes enterprise manager. It’s a not-for-resale version that used to be publicly available, when I got a copy when sql2000 was the latest version, it was about $50.00 retail (US). I got my copy at Fry’s Electronics it was on the shelf in their software aisles.

I gave Heidisql a shot last night. I was able to connect. I think there may be a few issues with MSSQL2000 that you need to work around, but I was able to connect so that’s step 1.

I do want to check out my MySQL databases on there just to kind of take the Ferrari on a test drive and see what it’s got! I have a feeling with MySQL, it will feel more like a 430 than with MSSQL2000 it feeling like a Mondial.

Thank you both for your suggestions.

building queries is still painful in heidisql, i would want at least the same graphical drag&drop interface that microsoft access had back in access 97

so in the meantime, i code my queries with a text editor outside of heidisql and then paste them into the query window (which is no real wasted action as i often have to copy and paste elsewhere, like in forum replies)

but other tasks, like browsing tables and especially updating column values, is dead simple

Sql Server Enterprise Manager was the tool that shipped with Sql 2000. It is kind of antiquated now. Any of the current MS Sql Server tools should be able to access SQL 2000. Best free bet would be Sql Server Management Studio Express. I would be careful about letting them generate anything though – the differences between Sql 2000 and Sql 2008 are subtle at times and I’ve had some issues where the generated DDL does not work correctly on older versions.

I’d generally contend your app should be the tool that updates the database, you should not touch it from management studio outside of emergencies.

Oh yeah, Microsoft Access 2000/2003 anyway made a pretty decent sql server management tool. In Access 2000 you’d set up a new Access Data Project file (.adp).