Mysql query to limit dates to today or before

I have an online evaluation system I am trying to do. In the first table I have each speaker, the date they speak (in a date field) and then the scores they can be marked in.

In a second table I have the date of the presentation and the username of the person that submitted the scores into the main (so I can tell they have already submitted).

What I am trying to do is get a list of the speakers that a person has not submitted an eval for where the date is today or less.

I can get the first part of getting a list of the dates a person has not submitted for already, but having trouble with getting the date = today or earlier to work.

Any ideas, MySQL database with php by the way. :smiley:

Thanks everyone.

“SELECT $field FROM $table WHERE $datefield <= now()”

is that what you mean ?

yea, that works our great. I did not think that it would check the dates like that and was expecting something of formatting the date a certain way in order to copmare it.

I guess I overcomplicated this one.

Thanks a ton.