MySQL Query for select row with other way

I know to fetch the query but I have difficulties fetching in an advanced way or my requirement needs, my database is designed on the below structure, and I want to fetch the column value based on column type; like for Mango = 50, Banana = 20, etc.

ID | type    | value | key
1  | Mango   | 50    | AP123
2  | Banana  | 20    | AP123
3  | Apple   | 30    | AP123

In a simple way we can use this query -
SELECT * FROM table WHERE type = 'Mango' AND key = 'AP123'
but this is very complex to write the same code multiple times to get one result, here table key column value is the same, and on this basis I want to
Output will: 1 | Mango | 50 | AP123

but my requirement is like below -
SELECT * FROM table WHERE key = 'AP123'
let mango = 50
let banana = 20
let apple = 30

this is possible in any other way to achieve the goal, sorry for my bad English

SELECT * FROM table WHERE type IN (‘Mango’,‘Banana’,‘Apple’) AND key = ‘AP123’

yes, but How I store the value in a variable like this
let mango = 50
let banana = 20
let apple = 30

why do you want to store somethiing in a variable?

if you were able to do that, what are the results you expect from the query?

I think this is not a SQL problem but more a general kind of not understanding arrays.

Maybe the TO should lerne how to work with arrays in whatever language he is developing.

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