MySQL - Find Multiple Entries, and Delete One based on the existance of another entry

I have a table “fruitlist” that contains just two fields, “color” & “fruit”.

Example Entries:
red : apple
green : apple
green : banana
yellow : banana
red : grapes
green : grapes

What I would like to do is delete the “GREEN” entry, ONLY IF the fruit has both a “GREEN” and a “RED” entry!
In the example entries above I would like to delete the “Green Apple” and the “Green Grapes”, but leave the “Green Banana” alone.

I’m thinking I need to do an inner join, but not sure how to approach it.

DELETE green
  FROM fruitlist AS green
  JOIN fruitlist AS red
    ON red.fruit = green.fruit
   and red.color = 'red'
 WHERE green.color = 'green'
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shout out to the 'peg

Thank you fellow Canadian for your help!