MYSQL executing script file


I have a database dump which has been produced from a third party using phpmyadmin. I need to import this into MySQLi database using MySQL workbench.

Does anyone know how to do this? I have tried using the Manage Import / Export option but this doesn’t work. I have also tried opening the script to execute it but as the file is quite large this just hangs my system.

Is there a way of just running the script file rather than opening to edit it first?

What errors are you getting when trying to import the database dump via phpmyadmin?

I have access to the command line.

I am not trying to import using phpmyadmin, as I do not have this installed and am not able to install it. I have MySQL workbench for managing my databases

Hi there,

Do you have access to the command line on the computer where the mysql server is installed?

Hi there.

This place shows how to import from the command line. . It is the mysql -u blah -p db_name < mysqldump.sql

You have to have the DB created by then, and the user indicated with the -u option has to have permissions to create tables, etc.

Hope that helps!

Dan Bernardic