Mysql database pricing?

Hello all,

I would appreciate a little help in finding out the rough average price for a single mysql database.

The client I am working with has an existing host who is offering a database that will handle up to 1gb for £15 ($25) per month. This seems expensive compared to what I have paid before (about a third of the price at most).

I’ve found it hard to find this info online so would be really grateful for any opinions about what the ‘average’ price may be, especially in the uk.

The database will be used for a fairly limited cms so I suspect 1gb is more than we will need, I wonder if anyone has any advice also about whether I could request a 500mb db - would this likely be sufficient?

Thanks in advance!

Most web hosts don’t charge anything extra for MySQL databases, they’re part of the hosting plan, this shouldn’t even be something you have to consider for a normal size database like that.