Mysql: can't find result of a query (into text file)

Hi everyone,
I need the results of a mysql query to be piped unto a text file so i can print it. Problen is: Where is
the text file ?! Here is the php code to run the query:

// Connect to database server
if (mysqli_connect_errno())
      echo "Failed to connect to MySQL: " . mysqli_connect_error();
$sql1 = "SELECT startDate,endDate,intervalTime FROM june2013
    INTO OUTFILE 'xxx.txt'";
if (mysqli_query($con,$sql1))
     echo "Data added to text file successfully";
    echo "Error transfering data " . mysqli_error($con);

After I had ran the above code I recieved the message:

Data added to text file successfully

Which means the code succeeded in creating the desired text file.
I searched the file in my HD at: xampp/htdocs and couldn’t find it ! Then I made a WINDOWS 7 search for
“xxx.txt” and the search found nothing !
So I ran again the code and recieved an error message that says:

Error transfering data File ‘xxx.txt’ already exists

If that file exixts, where could it exist if not on my hard disk? If it is on my hard disk why can’t I find it?
Could it be some kind of a “hidden file”?
Can anyone help me with that?

You can locate the Data Directory of MySQL by asking it.
This requires a command prompt (in Windows) and calling MySQL at the command line.

Otherwise, modify your command to specify an explicit directory (like the root):

$sql1 = "SELECT startDate,endDate,intervalTime FROM june2013
    INTO OUTFILE '/xxx.txt'"; 

Thanks ParkinT,
I added that slash and found my lost file.
Thanks a lot