Mysql autostart wont work in ubuntu

i did exactly as the book “php and mysql novice to ninja” said , but after i restart and try to see the status of mysql, it says that mysql is not running , plus there is a extra account without a password named mysql

Just out of curiosity, are you running the desktop/laptop or server version of Ubuntu?

desktop version 64bit

I installed php and apache as the book states and they both work perfectly , but mysql wont start on the startup

well NO , even apache does not auto start , it turned out the the web page was displayed by the cache memory :frowning: , can you help me in this issue , im sure i did every step correctly

What message do you get when you running the following status check from the CL? I’m assuming here that you can manually start the server.

root@machine:/usr/local/mysql# bin/mysqladmin -u root status

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