MyISAM or InnoDB

How can I find that MYSQL in my computer is MyISAM or InnoDB?

MyISAM and InnoDB are both types of storage engine. An easy way to find out which one a table is using is to view the list of tables on a database in something like phpmyadmin

Your mySql server will support both of these table types. When you create a table you can simply specify the table type (storage engine and table type are the same thing) you want

CREATE TABLE test_table(testID INT PRIMARY KEY, testText text) ENGINE=MyISAM

If you don’t specify a storage engine type when you create the table, it will use the default type set on the mySql server. If you want to know what this is on your server, run the command ‘SHOW VARIABLES’. Which will show the server settings. I think the variable ‘table_type’ is the default engine.

Another way to the what storage engine a table is using is the ‘SHOW CREATE TABLE my_table_name’ command. This will give you the code to recreate the structure of the chosen table, including whatever storage engine it is using.