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Peace be upon you. Is there a site specialist who can solve the problem of my site because articles are not archived in the Google search engine?

Good news, the pages of your site are indexed with Google.
You can test this with a simple search in Google:-

I would also suggest using “Google Search Console” for more detailed insights into your site’s Google indexing.

I think you better reach some best website design service :slightly_smiling_face:

To ensure that your website is correctly stored in Google’s search engine, you should hire a specialist that specializes in website optimization. To ensure that your website is indexed accurately by the search engine, they can assess it, analyze its structure and content, look for flaws and weaknesses, and make any necessary improvements. The professional may suggest further changes to the website’s design and layout based on the website’s intricacy. Helpful tips on writing SEO-friendly content, selecting relevant keywords, and constructing inbound links could also be on offer. Taken together, these measures will boost your website’s visibility in Google’s search results.

I have face same issues in my client website. Articles are not indexing on Google search console. Please provide me suggestions that will be helpful for me

Same response Sam gave the OP. Your site is indexed in google, including the articles. Use the site search given to check it.

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Thanks :heart_eyes:

Hello, peace be upon you as well! To solve the issue of your website articles not being archived in the Google search engine, you may want to consider hiring a site specialist who can analyze the issue and provide a solution. Make sure the specialist you hire is experienced and knowledgeable in SEO techniques to ensure the best results.

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