My website is not displaying in SERP of

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I made my website that is coming in all major search engine while related keywords are being searched but it is not coming in the SERP of even full exact domain name of my website is typed in search box of

And I want to know that should I submit my website to ? If yes …plz share exact url for submitting my website in this search engine.

I tried to google it, and found out that you can not submit your site to ask, here is a quote explaining why.

It is not possible to submit a website to Although is a
search engine, it is a search engine with a difference. It is a
questions and answers based search engine.

And here is a quote from a site telling about the next best thing you then can do to get your site found by Ask:

Ask does not have an URL submit feature. Until recently, you could
submit your sitemap to them. But has now retired this feature
and says they will be crawling sites instead. So, the next best thing is
to add a directive in your robots.txt file that specifies
auto-discovery of the XML sitemap.

Like this:

SITEMAP: http://www.the URL of your sitemap here.xml
The sitemap location should be the full sitemap URL.

Your sitemap should be placed on your site like this

So it seems like having a good sitemap would be the preferred way to get found by Ask

This is how you put the directive in the robots.txt:

To facilitate auto-discovery of your sitemap file through your
robots.txt, all you have to do is place a directive with the URL in your
robots.txt, as shown in the sample below:


So, the robots.txt file looks like this:


NOTE: The directive containing the sitemap location
can be placed anywhere in the robots.txt file. It is independent of the
user-agent line, so it does not matter where it is placed.

Hope this help you.


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hello knector,

Thanks for sharing your valuable facts about auto-discovery of your sitemap file through robots.txt.