My problem

Love This Site :slight_smile:

Yet I have a huge amount of trouble Logging In and Posting,

It shows I am Logged In (my name in Blue at the top of the page) yet I get:

"The following errors occurred with your submission

You do not have permission to perform this action. Please refresh the page and login before trying again."

and this can happen 10-20 times before my posting is accepted/uploaded.

Then it tells me: “Thank you for posting! Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it for posting.”

and the posting vanishes, does not appear on the Thread.

I have emailed the Contact Us twice yet no reply or change :slight_smile:

I am using Firefox, yet same sitepoint behavior on Chrome and Opera.

help please :slight_smile:

If someone doesn’t respond to your thread here within a few days, it can’t hurt to also send a private message (if the system lets you!) to a moderator (anyone with green or blue or red names).

Hi RayWilk,

As you are fairly new you may consider signing up for a new account. It sounds like something went wrong when the system was writing your data to the database. Creating a new account might get past all of it. You could then see if the admins could change your 2nd username or migrate your posts to your new profile.

Not having seen this before I am not sure if this is good advise, only very few people experience what you are going through, so I am not sure that the admins would be able to fix it; especially if your profile is corrupt?


Hello Silver Stom

thank you for your reply, and re-registering idea,

I have done that, now I am RayWilk and RayW

yet so far no change/improvement

Logged In yet once I Click - Post Quick Reply

Wow! it worked! What did I do differently? After reading about other peoples problems on many Forums,

I Ticked the Keep Me Logged in Box next to Password…lol

also thank you for your reply to my Help-Photos-are-not-uploading

some times after many re-log ins I get a post through :slight_smile:

Ray :slight_smile:

Yes I seem to be posting now,

with out the Box Ticked the system Logs you out in half a second …lol

All is well :slight_smile:

Excellent RayW


Thank Sever Storm :slight_smile:

do you have any ideas about my page not uploading photos problem?

all help greatly appreciated

Perhaps one of the admins can delete your other account.

Yeah, you’re technically only allowed one and usually they’d rather not that you make a second account.

Hey Ray,
Sorry for the difficulties! The strange thing is that I have received and replied to both your emails (several days ago).
Let me know which username you’d like and I’ll merge the two accounts.

Hello Hawk

good to hear from you :slight_smile:

all is well, yes I received the 2 emails a couple of days ago, much appreciated :slight_smile:

The Username I would like to continue using is RayWilk,

thank you for your follow up

best wishes :slight_smile:

Cool. Done :slight_smile:

Cool, thank you Kiwi :slight_smile: