My site homepage is in WordPress. Should I change it to plain HTML?

My site homepage is in wordpress php…should i change php to html to speeup site

If you change it to html it will not work. It will just display the php code and html code.

Wordpress sites are generally slow anyway. You could look online to find some tutorials offering speed up suggestions.

Y it will not work ,php on frontend is html right so y it will not work

PHP is considered a backend scripting language. PHP scripts are usually written on a server that the front-end, or client side code would interact with.

You could also try searching this forum or the web for “my php code is displayed”

Just reading your first post again. Yes you would speed up your site it you dropped Wordpress but depending on your site you may still need to use php if working with a database or creating lots of pages.

You can also think of many other ways to speed up your website if you wish to. Consider using cdn. Don’t use unnecessary plugins, don’t overload your homepage with pictures and so on, have you considered doing it?

Your question is vague and therefore the answers are potentially not relevant to you. I think you should learn about HTML and if you do then you will likely be able to answer your own question. You can have plain HTML pages within a WordPress site so you can try converting to HTML one page at a time.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Use cache plugins and a theme that is as lightweight as possible. Use as few other plugins as possible. Remove jquery.

Personal opinion: I use Lightspeed which integrates with Wordpress via a plugin. From the user standpoint they are served cached HTML with minimal overhead.

Conclusion: If Wordpress is configured properly, the gain of switching to plain HTML isn’t worth the functionality you lose by giving up WP.


You can do the same thing with NGiNX.

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Do you mean LiteSpeed?

Yes, of course it’s Litespeed. I blame it on late hours. But they’re asking for it with that choice of name.


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