My script won't let me log onto my admin panel

Hello I recently installed a script and for some reason I cannot login to the admin panel.

I know for sure that MySQL connects fine ( can register as a regular member)

Here is what happens:
I put the correct login info in the username and password boxes but after I press submit the page sort of refreshes and nothing happens.

Also, I have used this script before on another server with another website. I tried taking those files (from my old sites backup) and using them on this server. I did the same with the SQL and it didn’t work…

What do I do?

(the script is Alstrasoft SMS Enterprise)

I’d really appreciate any help, thanks

Hi SpeedyMods, welcome to the forum.

Have you tried Alstrasoft Support without success?

Hello thanks for the reply and yes I did manage to contact them but it’s been almost a week and still no reply, Iv’e also tried researching and posting on other forums but nothing helped. I really hope I didn’t waste $400 for nothing