My own CMS, Rodadewa CMS

Hi everyone, I am new here, and frankly speaking trying to promote my very own CMS :smile:

Rodadewa CMS is created for simple sites with easy navigation, responsive, current and customisable.
This script is free to download and use. Free version includes ads at the bottom which can be removed for a small fee.

This may not be used for complicated sites, but for simple sites like company profile, musician/artists website, should be enough. Current version is 0.9 (I made previous version 0.7 like in 2009 and skip to 0.9 a few weeks ago lol). Themes are customisable.

One of the few things that was hard for me to create is to make the back end admin also responsive, I imagine whoever is using it is using mobile phones to update their site.

my website : (was also made using the same script)

Live demo is available on site, both for front end and backend.(some features like buttons, submits are disabled)

Please do have a look at them through your phones as well :smile:

Requirements :
Linux Hosting, Cpanel, Phpmyadmin.

Its name is in Bahasa Indonesia, right ? :smile:
What’s weird is that in demo page, you called it’s Xeraphim CMS
Is it Xeraphim or Rodadewa CMS ? :expressionless:

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Hello Terry, thx for commenting and “pointing” that out, I am indeed choosing the name “rodadewa” to represent where it came from, I must have missed some spots, so thank you very much for your input.

Previously on 2009 it was called Xeraphim, then I decide to change it

I’ll just stick to reviewing your site for now.

The header looks nice, but the content area is lacking.

On the home page, you have a wide, blob of text. You should be pitching your company. Show me pictures. Show me a punchy headline along with a tagline.

Your home page indicates you are some kind of development company, but all of your links are about your CMS. This is weird and confusing.

If you want everything on one domain, at least create a separate section for the CMS with its own landing page.

Most CMSs have lousy web sites for some reason --I just checked. But try modeling your site on those slick product sites you’ve seen elsewhere like Shopify and Stripe.

Your features page is clumsy. I shouldn’t have to click on some JS accordion to view a line of text for each feature. Do something fun with the layout. Vary the size of the text and throw in some pictures. For example,

Your pricing page is especially challenging to read. You evidently want me to buy something, but the text is ridiculously small and you have lots of grey text on grey backgrounds.

Also, I’m not sure if it makes much sense to have a separate pricing page if there is only one price.

You don’t have to come up with anything overly slick, but don’t take your users/customers for granted. Pitch them. Grab their attention. Give them a reason to care about your company/product.

Looks modern but not sure yet which functions does it serve. I’ve seen only simply news as function in live demo. Can you list some more functions it provides?