My navigation isn't displaying correctly in IE 11 for Windows 10, yet it's working perfectly in Edge and Chrome

I am working on my landing page / portfolio site, and for some unknown reason the navigation is all messed up in IE 11 on Windows 10.

Here’s how my navigation looks in:

IE 11



My CodePen is here.

That codepen is working ok for me in IE11 Windows 10. Is it not working for you?

Otherwise we will need a link to the real page to see what’s going on.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for replying to my post. Here’s my landing page.

The codepen looks OK for me IE11 Windows 10 as well

The “code” button doesn’t replace the “Home”, “Portfolio” and “Contact” buttons until I narrow the view-port.

I don’t see any CSS rules for any of the nav elements. Nor do I see any media queries.

I’m guessing the problem is in one of the minified files - bootstrap? - but sorry, I don’t have the patience for trying to read minified.

That’s also working ok for me in IE11 :smile:

Is it just the top menu that’s not working for you?

Okay this is really odd.

I tried resetting IE 11 and it still didn’t work. I then made a new user account and it worked perfectly.


Thanks everyone!

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