My mobile Facebook Page for my bussiness won't shown up on mobile devices

I have a problem and hopefully someone can help. I have a facebook page for my business and for some reason is not showing up on mobile devices. If you search google on your MOBILE for “Suplex Tacos on Facebook” you can see what I’m talking about. This used to work fine before. I’m not sure what it could be and I’ve already tried everything to test it out and it has to do with the mobile Facebook site. It works fine is you do the same search from a desktop. Here’s a screen shot:

here’s a screen shot of what happens if you’re logged in to FB:

Note that is not just with google, we also have the same link on our website and was working fine but it no longer works. the same thing happens.

I haven’t changed any setting on the fb page and all of a sudden I was checking a QR code and that’s when I notice the link wasn’t working

Please help.

[font=verdana]It seems that ‘pages’ aren’t working on Facebook mobile. I’ve tried yours and others, and it just redirects me to a “Pages you might like” list (although they aren’t ‘pages’ in the Facebook sense, in that they are instead of, and that’s why it needs to be logged in.

I don’t know whether this is deliberate or a bug, I would suspect the latter, but the best thing to do is to raise a Facebook support ticket.[/font]

Many people have the same problem. Not sure, whether it is a problem in settings or it is impossible fix. Anyway, I would suggest you developing a mobile-friendly website or a mobile application that will be a perfect tool for customers’ mobile devices. That will not solve the problem with Facebook, but that will develop your mobile presence and increase loyalty.