My Master Proposal

Hello everyone,

I just wrote my master proposal based on a few samples, templates and articles. I would appreciate it if you guys over here in the Business / Legal forum could take a look and let me know what your thoughts are.

Click the link below to download the .doc containing the master proposal:

Thanks in advance,

You don’t seem to have any clauses about what happens if the client drags their feet, doesn’t get you copy in a reasonable amount of time, or under what circumstances you (the provider) can cancel the contract.

Can you provide me with specific examples of what you would suggest for such clauses?

I’m not entirely sure what exactly the clauses you listed should consist of, but I would agree that they should be included.

What would be the industry standard on this?

Sorry, no can do…

I’m not a web developer so I don’t have those sorts of clauses in my contracts but recent posts on here have shown the need for them so I thought I would mention them.

Alex, what he means is you want something generally written which gives you some balance in case the client starts messing about. You want to state that you have the right to cancel the agreement and contract if the client doesn’t meet their payments at the time their due. Until the work is complete and the contract fulfilled you retain the copyright over the work (and the right to removal of the content on the web if financial obligations aren’t met) and you want to ensure you disclaim responsibility if the client ceases to make available to you content or other elements of the project which may affect the quality of the final outcome. :slight_smile:

PS: IANAL so I can’t give you something legally binding, but if you just line out your right to “fire” the client in cases of non-compliance you should be OK.

Actually, in ten years of web design, internet marketing, and SEO, I’ve never used a written contract. My assumption has always been “If I perform, I’ll get more work” and it’s mostly been true. I have had to fire three clients over the years, and I have been fired twice. Not too bad for 10 years.

Of course, I live in a smaller town. . . not a city of millions.

That all being said, if I were going to use a contract, I would want to use this one. It spells everything out pretty simply, and is easy to understand. And reasonably short :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ve just been lucky. . . or maybe there’s something I do up front to cement the relationship to the point where we’re both comfortable with a handshake. At any rate, this contract looks really good!