My images load in the frontend & breaks

My all images & here loads in the frontend & after loading breaks

i tried disabling Cache Enabler, smushpro Autoptimize but no use

plz help

I suggest you use the inspector and check out all the errors you’re getting.

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tried but not getting any fix

What exactly did you try?

i tried disabling Cache Enabler, smushpro Autoptimize but no use

inspector shows it breaks imaage …beyond that i dont know what to do

The path you entered in src is wrong you have to replace with

but in wordpress we never do such manual placing so y php is picking wrong

yes but you are using short pixel compression tool and in source link it takes short pixel url that’s why it does get the proper source url

I use smushpro not short pixel plugin

Then why do you have this in your HTML code?


Why use a plug-in at all when you could optimise the image before you upload it?

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shortpixeli used long time back dont know y its still dere

This is the right link it breaks image in desktop but mobile image is perfect


You are stretching a small image beyond its maximum size, so of course it will be blurred and pixellated.

Use a larger size image, or, better still, use actual text to display the content and make it accessible.

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