My first time in wordpress

Hi,Can i ask to all masters in wordpress,I have installed wordpress in some free hosting site,my problem is that how do you edit some php files in wordpress or adding some php files,do you download the file from hosting site and work it in your localhost computer or by just editing in the word press editor that can be found in the cntrol pannel admin in wordpress…this is my first time in using wordpress.

I hope you can enlighten my mind.

Thank you in advance.

I guess you could do either. For very simple things you could likely get away with editing from the ACP

-But- when editing files from the ACP keep in mind that these are most likely “live” files. Any mistake you make or if the file becomes corrupted for some reason will be visible to visitors.

IMHO it is much better to work on a localhost copy where you can test the effect of changes and then move them to the live server.

I totally agree. You can use a simple FTP program and a text editor to do this, but it makes it much easier to control if things go wrong if you have a local copy to edit and upload. Some developers would also say to only implement one change per upload so you can easily isolate and change that messes things up in Wordpress. You can easily just undo whatever didn’t work or doublecheck your code.

Hi Mittineague, Thank you for the reply,but if i am going to do this in my localhost by downloading the files in my hosting account.i think i will get in trouble because of the configuration that i made when i install the word press in my free host.

Hi thank you for the reply,but my problem is that the configuration in local host how do i run the files came from my free host account.?and run it to my localhost.

Okay, I can run now my wordpress in my localhost.thank you for this idea…i will write back to you if i get in trouble. :slight_smile: