My first HTML5 page from W3schools

It is typical of people to exaggerate what a person says then comment on the concepts that were not expressed. I did not say it was necessary to post the HTML online. Exaggeration such as that causes problems.

As for stealing code, I am really, really sorry if anyone got the impression I was stealing code. Note however that people do use other people’s HTML and CSS every day. Every day we can find people offering money to clone web sites. See How can i pull content from another website?; that question asks about links only but members provide a few options for getting pages. There are plenty of other pages in the internet explaining how to copy pages and clone websites.

Again, the problem is exaggeration. When members exaggerate the problem then the other person must speak out and that can erupt into a big problem. In this case, I certainly did intend to do anything wrong yet the responses certainly implied I intended to.