My first HTML5 page from W3schools

I have made 1 html file and tried to make this my first website. I learned recently from from the beginning.
Is this good enough to be a core for my site in the near future?
Help, please.
Tks for reading.
articlesectiondiv.html (7.3 KB)

There’s not much I can say about it, really, with only placeholder text and no idea what kind of site you intend to create from it.

There’s a minor typo in the footer: &copy should be © (with a ; at the end).

I’m not sure that all your headings should be <h2>; some of them look as if they should be <h3>, but again, it’s hard to tell without real content. Writing your headings in upper-case letters could cause problems for some screenreaders, which may interpret them as acronyms. It is better to use lower-case letters and then use text-transform in your CSS to render them as upper-case.

For some reason, you are using <br /> tags in the middle of your paragraphs, apparently to split them into two paragraphs. If they are separate paragraphs, then wrap each in <p></p> tags. This is not the correct way to use <br>.

(You should also note that <br /> is the xhtml notation; if you are writing HTML then use <br>.)

I find your lines of text are too close together to be read comfortably. Consider adding a line-height. I generally add this to the font declarations on the body (which I see you don’t have) and use a unitless value, such as 1.4 so that it will be applied correctly across the site.


body {font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif;
	color: #333;

You rarely need to set heights on divs and other containers, and doing so can cause your layout to break at different screen resolutions or font sizes. (If you narrow your browser window towards mobile size, or use Firefox’s “zoom text” option to zoom in even a little, you’ll see the problem.) If you have images or other content of a fixed dimension, there may be a case for setting a height on a div, but don’t do it with text.

Oh - and no major search engine uses the meta keywords tag now, so you can safely omit it. It does no harm, but it’s a waste of time adding it to your pages.

I hope that helps.


@TechnoBear, thank a lot. It seems like i have a lot a lot to learn. But first i think i chose a right forum for HTML5 and CSS. I start to learn CSS tonight and keep writing to make something real and correct it as fast as possible.
That help a lot. Thank again.

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I have made my html more clearly like your suggestion. I really like the font Helvetica. Almost forget about that beautiful font.
I edited some headings too for my intention in the future.
articlesectiondiv.html (7.3 KB)

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That’s looking much better already, I think - and it passes validation, too.

Well done.

Just a couple of small points.

You seem to have changed all your <h2> tags to <h3>s. That’s not correct. You should use the tags in a kind of hierarchy, so your main page title would be an <h1> (as it is). Then your section headings would be <h2>s, and within them the div headings would be <h3>s.

I’m also not sure that your use of <article> ia correct here. Again, it’s hard to judge without the full content. You can check for yourself and see what you think:

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You can put your page on the web. There are some hosts, such as ATWEBPAGES.COM, you can use to do it for free. I put your page in an AtWebPages site I have; see <link removed: see post #9>.

Do you know how to FTP? You should know how to do that. You can create an AtWebPages account then FTP your page into it. You will probably call your home page default.html.

I don’t see any advantage in putting an HTML page online while it’s under construction.

If you’re still learning and still practising, then you can do that perfectly well on a local machine. Time enough to upload when you have something completed. You should be developing on a local machine anyway, so why complicate matters?


I agree.

Many years ago my computer came with FrontPage Express and PWS (Personal Web Server) but my being very newbie, I did not know how to take advantage of them.

I did have free AOL Hometown and Geocities sites. I would write files in Notepad, FTP them over a dial-up connection, test in IE5 and Netscape, edit the files, FTP them, test, rinse repeat. It got old very fast.

I eventually discovered XAMPP that allowed me to skip the intermediate FTP steps.

There are other localhost servers that are relatively easy to get set-up, suitable for someone starting out, and more than adequate for HTML, CSS and JavaScript files - XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP etc etc - _A_pache (server) _M_ySQL (database) _P_HP (server-side language)

IMHO it would be well worth the time spent to try one for yourself


I have removed the link, because the version online is the original version, before @nosisme corrected and updated it. It is not the latest version. It will only cause confusion if people view and comment on that version. (And while I understand your intention was to be helpful, I don’t think it’s a good policy as a general rule to upload others’ work from the forums without their permission.)

I would also point out that if you do put unfinished pages online anywhere, it is a good policy to either password-protect the directory or add <meta name="robots" content="noindex">, to ensure the pages are not accidentally found and indexed by search engines. (Of course, you then have to remember to remove the robots meta tag when uploading the final version.)


I would not say this except since you are specifying problems I will specify a corresponding problem, I was surprised when the HTML downloaded to my system. My downloads get cluttered up as it is. Sure, I can delete the HTML page but that is another step that I must remember to do. I got no notification prior to the download that the download would occur.

I think the three of you are exagerating and that causes me to want to respond correspondingly. I assume that my response will get another criticism and that can go on and on. That is why people should be more considerate of what they say. There are other ways to say “I don’t see any advantage” and other responses here.

Apparently nosisme already knows how to edit locally, so that is not relevant here. Apparently nosisme does not know how to put the page online.

I think you are underestimating the intelligence of members. My sample is only intended to be a sample of putting the page online. If nosisme asked for the page to be removed then of course I will remove it.

Removing the link has no affect on search engines.

:D, you two are kind enough to help. Appreciate for everything. I’m studying CCS at W3schools for now.
Tks a lot.

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That would seem to be a browser issue, rather than a forum issue. My browser (Firefox) offered me the option of viewing or saving the file.

Perhaps they do and perhaps they don’t. My point was simply that it is not necessary at this stage to do so. @nosisme is clearly a beginner, and many beginners find learning the basics is enough to start with. My intention was to reassure them - and anybody else reading this topic - that they do not need to put the page online at this stage, either for developmental or forum purposes.

All that the forum requires is that those asking for help post the relevant code in a way that members trying to assist can readily use. In this instance, an uploaded HTML page is perfectly acceptable.

Agreed, but of course, that’s not the reason it was removed.

My comments about search engines were aimed at @nosisme and any other newbie reading, who might not have the experience to think of these issues. I don’t recall ever seeing them covered in basic HTML/CSS tutorials.

Feel free to post again if you need any further help, @nosisme. Good luck with your studies.


It is typical of people to exaggerate what a person says then comment on the concepts that were not expressed. I did not say it was necessary to post the HTML online. Exaggeration such as that causes problems.

As for stealing code, I am really, really sorry if anyone got the impression I was stealing code. Note however that people do use other people’s HTML and CSS every day. Every day we can find people offering money to clone web sites. See How can i pull content from another website?; that question asks about links only but members provide a few options for getting pages. There are plenty of other pages in the internet explaining how to copy pages and clone websites.

Again, the problem is exaggeration. When members exaggerate the problem then the other person must speak out and that can erupt into a big problem. In this case, I certainly did intend to do anything wrong yet the responses certainly implied I intended to.

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