.my.cnf or is it .my.ini?

Hey Guys,

Two questions

  1. whats the difference between .cnf and .ini

  2. I had a requirement to config a mysql db with two databases and two users having full privileges on both the databases. I did that and the requirement also wanted me to make a user specific .my.cnf file with the user’s id and password and the db name in it so the user can run cron jobs and can connect to mysql without a id or password prompt.

After creating the .my.cnf (saved it as .my.ini ?! :x - should i or not?) I looked it up online and it said I need to save it in the users home directory.

Can you guys help me with this ?

Also the machines are all windows server 2003 and windows based on the client side.


I still am not clear between the real difference of the .ini and .cnf files.

how ever i did resolve the auto login thing with mysql.

All i need to do is place the .cnf or .ini file in the c:\Windows although it seems to work fine when I placed them in the c:\

The database is in the d:\program files\mysql\ … Another look at the below link helped me understand that .ini sits in c:\windows and .cnf sits in c:\


Windows uses .ini files to initialise applications
Linux uses .cnf files to configure applications

Simply different terminology used on different operating systems for what is effectively the same thing.

When things designed for one operating system are rewritten to work on another the terminology used by the original system occasionally finds its way onto the other platform.