My browser have a problem

I use chrome browser to view my codes output (live preview)
Recently , chrome is giving me back my codes the same way i coded it

Please is this happening to anyone here just to know if it’s a general problem for chrome browser
Or i configure a new chrome

Are you saying that when you write some server-side code that the browser is showing the actual code instead of its output? What language are you using?

It might also be a misconfiguration of the web server. If the web server is not recognizing the code as being PHP or ASP or whatever, it may return it as text, which means it doesn’t execute the code, but returns the code instead. This is independent of the browser.

Is this problem happening with other browsers you try on the same code?

Exactly …

I have other browser , firefox and internet browser , but not running effectively on Widow 7
Perhaps the chrome version i use is outdated

Ok well letting us know which language you are writing is helpful. Is this a server-side language like PHP?

If it is a server-side language you are writing, and what the web server is sending back to you is the actual code and not the code output, then it is more than likely the web server is misconfigured. You see when you do a server side language like PHP, the web server takes a request for a page and hands it off to a PHP process. When that process executes the code, generates the output, it gives it back to Apache which then passes it on to you as the output.

However, if Apache can’t determine (or is otherwise told that the PHP code is not PHP code) it may assume the code itself is just text and so renders the text. It never passes it to any interpreter and so it just gives you text.

To confirm it, if any browser gives you back the code and not the output, you can rule out any browser issue. Sounds to me that your server is thinking your code is text instead of code and giving you back the file as a text output (it may appear to still be a .php file, but the content type associated with the file is something like text/plain or text/html.

Perhaps check with your server. If you are hosting it, make sure that no sensitive info is being disclosed in your code (no database passwords anything) and then ask your host what is wrong. :slight_smile:

Alright Martry2

Thanks for your great concern about this
, i appreciate

I was just starting a rough code , just the Html , in which i haven’t linked with my Css

Then i tried to see what I’ve been doing , but the browser failed

Thanks a lot , i’ll do as you have said
I’ll configure a new browser by tomorrow , or perhaps change my window to window 10

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