My 200th post!

I just noticed that this will be my 200th post here. It sounds weird since it’s not a lot comparatively, but this is the most I’ve ever contributed to any one site. In fact, outside social media it’s probably more than I’ve ever posted combined…and I’ve been on the Internet a long time.

I learned a majority of the stuff I know now mostly by lurking these forums. I went through some really rough stuff the last 4 years (I lived out of my car for a few weeks) that sort of broke me. Since I started answering questions here last September-ish my confidence in the real world is way above what it used to be.

I know this is all mushy stuff, so I’ll just say thanks.


Wow! Congratulations! I would say that 200 is a really good number… so when and where’s the party? :smiley:

[quote=“OzRamos, post:1, topic:115900”]
I went through some really rough stuff the last 4 years (I lived out of my car for a few weeks) that sort of broke me
[/quote]What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But trust me, I understand the feeling too well :smile:
Great that things are better now than yesterday but I know that the best is yet to come


Here’s to the next 200!

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Oh come on! Give yourself some credit! That’s quite a feat. I’m really enjoying your progress reports on your project. So keep up the good work!

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Good to hear things are getting better! :thumbsup: On-wards and up.

Congrats on #200. Now, where’s that cake?

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If you are into web dev you’ve found your home

I’m more than 200- but - I’ve been here for around a decade

Considering many members are
“I got a problem” - “thanks”
200 is a noticeable number of posts


haha thanks everyone! When my project takes off I’ll make sure to throw a huge party with lots of cake. Cake and drinks. Mostly drinks. I will throw a huge party with drinks and maybe a little frosting.

How do you know you have 200 posts?

Visit your profile. Or just click your name twice.

I don’t know about the double-clicking - doesn’t work for me.

I do see in my profile a thing called Posts which I guess is what you are referring to?

Congratulations to you for your 200th post. Happy to hear from you.

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Congratulations OzRamos for your 200th post. I wish you luck to write a lot more.