"must be an instance of int, integer given"!?

Hi guys, have a bit of a problem here. Hope someone can help me out:

Class Test
  public function __construct()

  public static function Apple(int $a)
     return 0;



And its giving me the following error: “Argument 1 passed to Test::Apple() must be an instance of int, integer given, called in…”

Any help appreciated.

Try this:


btw, unless you are strict on it being an integer, you don’t need the “int” keyword in the function variable definition.

Hope that helps,
Jake Arkinstall

Hey Jake,

I tried casting it to an integer without luck. After some searching, I think it seems that PHP does not support type-hinting for the standard data types (int, doubles), but does support type-hinting of objects (phew!).

Any other opinions appreciated!