Music Background for a pdf Page?

On one of my Web sites, I have to display a brochure that’s in pdf format:

<a href=“Brochure.pdf”>Click to View Brochure</a>

Is there any way to accompany the display of the brochure with background music?

Thanks so much.


The only way to do that would be to load an HTML page that uses Javascript to open the PDF link automatically. but if you do that, vampire gerbils will come and eat you all up, starting with your toes. Having music play automatically and unbidden on a website is one of the top three evils that a web designer can commit.

Thanks, Stevie. I appreciated your humor, and in fact I agree with you. I created and maintain this particular Web site, but I don’t own it. I’ll have to see what the “boss” wants to do. :slight_smile:


You can embed multimedia into PDFs but to do so you’d need the full version of Adobe Acrobat. I don’t think any of the other PDF editors allow you to do it.

I actually lost a job once because I vocally spoke against playing music on a site for no reason. They thought I was crazy and it was going to the coolest thing ever.

I think I’m glad I didn’t get that job. in the long run.

Felgall: I suspected that. Unfortunately, I don’t have Acrobat.

Everyone: Thanks for the responses. They’ve been very helpful.