Multiple templates for dynamic module?


I have a situation where a website has a central module (‘Content’ Class) which controls articles across the site. These articles can be placed in separate sections on the main menu, i.e. about the company, about our products, news, etc, and are treated separately in the admin, even though they run from the same class file.

Now application design aside, someone has asked me to allow different headings and introduction text on the templates for certain sections in the admin. So to add an article in news the heading would say ‘Add new story’, as opposed to ‘Add new article’ in 'About the company section. At the moment, new templates are created for sections with different content, however there are plans to content manage the sections themselves.

This would therefore suggest that the template content itself needs to be controlled from a CMS. With this in mind, there appears to be two options:

a) Create database table(s) to accommodate this template content, linking it into section references.
b) Create PHP config files containing constants/variables for each element of the content, using filesystem functions to control the files.

To me the whole thing seems overkill, but it’s what they want. I’d appreciate your feedback on this, particularly any thoughts on how I could do this in a way that would make it easier for content writers to update (I’ve probably answered my own question though!).