Multiple projects sharing resources

We have built a project/system which includes a set of shared images, master pages, css files, error pages, classes etc. Within the syetem we have a folder for each ‘part’ of the system, which has it’s own master pages which inherits the main.

Each part of the system is actually a system in itself, but all systems have the same look and feel, images, error handling and a set of common classes as well as their own.

The problem is that, as we build more systems, we are finding problems with several users working which others need to publish etc. We would also like to have seperate app pools for each system if possible.

Basically, what we want is each system to be it’s own project which uses a set of shared classes, images, master pages, error pages, app themes, .browser files, css files etc.

How do we set this up? We are using VS2008pro.



How would this help/work?

Use virtual directories of IIS?

Helpful Resource:

Create a Virtual Directory (IIS 7)

Allows you to create multiple projects/apps with their own resources/settings.