Multiple Image swap w/ multiple links over main image

Ok yes I know the topic is vague and confusing. I am mainly a designer and have a basic knowledge of CSS and html.

Ive been tasked with creating a landing page that has:

rollover navigation with main image and self image swap.
Main image swap on rollover of specific quadrants of the main image with links.

I’m not even sure this is possible but I have been unable to find something that will do this. Because Flash is being abolished I do not know how else to create the effect I am in need of.

I essentially need to create a header navigation bar that will alter the image in the middle of the page along with the navigation link, and have the main image in the middle of the page swap when quadrents of the imge are moused over and link to new pages.

Have I confused you yet?

I’ve tried CSS image swapping and jquerry so far.

Can someone point me in the right direction.