Multiple IF OR statement

Hey all,

I have about 12 custom post types in wordpress and i am looking for an IF statement that is efficient and speedy.

Basically, if the user is on a single post of 5 specific custom post types i would like to echo a specific blurb of text.

The code should go on single.php I guess and it should be something like:

IF post_type = os_red OR post_type = os_blue OR post_type = green etc.. then



I would appreciate an efficient syntax!

many thanks in advance,

Have a look here: and here:

if($post_type == "os_red"||$post_type == "os_blue"||$post_type == "green") {
     echo "foo";

You can also use things such as in_array(): to write less code, if it fits your requirements.

Hello neodjandre,

I would recommend to use a switch case instead of if or statement. It will be easy to use and modify.

case ‘os_red’: echo ‘os_red’;

case ‘os_blue’: echo ‘os_blue’;

case ‘os_green’: echo ‘os_green’;


If you only need to use “if” as in one value out of a bunch of values I would use a “switch” statement like someone else mentioned, but I do not know how to do an “OR” statement with a switch, so if you need to use OR then I think you are destined to use “if”.

Don’t forget you can do some pretty fancy “if” logic when you start utilizing brackets.

I’d say that using the in_array() function would definitely be the best solution here, however to shorten @jimmybrion’s approach of the switch statement, we can stack multiple case statements to validate any number of values:


switch($val) {
    case 'val1':
    case 'val2':
    case 'val3':
    case 'val4':
    case 'val5':
        //contains 1 of 5 potential values

Very neat, I didn’t know you could do that.