Multiple IE and mobile Brower Compatibility Checkers?

Hi I used to use a good stable mutiple IE installer but I forgot which ones are out there and which I was using… Whats the best out there? Anyone can tell me?

Also for mobile devices… is there a way to check your design compatibility for them without actually owning all the different devices?


For IE, you can use things like

For testing mobiles, it’s best to have the real thing, of course, but there are some handy tools that are of use:

iPad/iPhone simulator (a big download and only available on Mac)
Mobilizer is a nice desktop app that emulates iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm Pre.
Opera Mini: (online Opera testing tool)
Opera’s Mobile Emulator
You can also take srceen shots of any mobile using the free Mobilito service.
And there is also the dotMobi emulator for simpler devices.
And there’s an Android Developer Kit