Multipage Page Copying To Paste Into Wordprocessor To Find Editing/Typing Errors

SitePoint Members,
There’s just no better text problem finder than a wordprocessor. For example I have found many instances of unintended double word error (e.g. wear and and tear) by copying a page of mine and pasting it to a work processor. Another error word processor do well is not recognizing obscure words (e.g. finding a spelling error when it see the word “wight” when you wanted to use the word “weight”.).

But I have too many web pages to copy each ome and paste each one by one into a wordprocessor, and I make chages to the pages all the time. How can I copy all of my web pages and paste them into my wordprocessor? I looked through Firefoxes add-ons but couldn’t find anyhting.



Hey Chris, I can’t think of a way to do this off hand. I wonder if there’s a service that will spider your site and do a spell check. That way you don’t have to copy and paste into a word processor.

What are you using to create your website and html files? Whatever you are using to create the content initially should have a spell checker.

I found a merge tool. Works great.