Multimedia Help: Vision Impaired and Hearing Impaired

So I am doing a really big project for school. What they want me to do is make a animation or video for a vision and deaf impaired people. I could probably do a video for a vision impaired person, but how would I be able to do a animation for a vision impaired person, and an animation for a deaf person is fine, but how would I do a video for a deaf person to make it accessible?

Example Website
I have already made this website, and this one. The first one is a transaction/animation one, and the second one, if you click on the link, you can see my video that I made how to make a video. I do not know if I did the video explanation right, but I was supposed to give the main idea. Could you help me with both of the subjects?

The usual way is to add subtitles for the spoken word so the hearing impaired can read what is being said.

The equivalent for vision impaired would be to add audio description to describe what is visually happening on screen.
Though a lot may depend on the nature of the video and animation and the information you are trying to convey with them.

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You might find this article gives you a helpful overview:

For partially sighted people you might want to look at audio description.

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