Multilingual store: shoping cart recommendation

Hello, I need to develop a store that needs to languages: English and Spanish.
The website will contain regular pages and a section with the shop functionality (categories->products->checkout).

I was looking into CoreCommerce which would be almost perfect for the job, except that they don’t offer different url’s for the second language, so I cannot link the separate versions from a splash page.

Which shop would you recommend, that would be easy to skin and offer a multilingual option?
I was thinking that Magento can accomplish this but is hard to skin and the shop itself is not that robust.

Thank you

Lots of e-commerce solutions offer translation into numerous languages for the order page and enable foreign currency transactions to help localize the process through a single or multi-store approach.

Well I want translation for the whole website not only order page.
Any knowledgeable person around here who can give advise on that?

Have a look through the shopping cart scripts at sites like

Plenty of carts support multiple languages, I know X-cart, Jshop, Cs-cart do at least.

osCommerce support multilanguage

X-cart does not support different URLs for the secondary language, unfortunately. The url of the page is always the same for different languages.

CS-cart offers this ability, and it is not so difficult to skin as Magento. So I would recommend this cart.

Didn’t working with Jshop, so cannot say anything re this.

That’s true, though I had one client who used Xcart on a multi-lingual site and they set up different sets of products for each language so they could get language specific URL’s. Sounds a lot of work but they had different prices per country/region so it worked well for them.

have you tried bigcommerce by interspire?

Thank you for support on this one.
CS-cart looks right for the project I have.

I will give it a try.