Multi User Databases

I have built a mySQL database application that I’d like to give to two people.

I want them to use the same code but have their own data.

I would prefer to host the app and only let them access (and maintain their data).

I’m not sure where to start.

Do I need to have duplicate systems (tables, queries, webpages), or is there a better way?

Is this even feasible?

Can someone point me in a direction to study how (best) to do this…

Many thanks


you’d better have the proper indexes on your tables then


Thanks Rudy!!

That brings up a slew of follow up questions…

What if it grows… What if I have thousands of users? hundreds of thousands?

(I know, hire someone who knows what they are doing - and study meanwhile).

But, are there security issues with your approach? I guess I can try it with friends and see.

Wont I have to query every use of every table? I guess I have to have users log in every time they use the system?

Thanks for helping… I off to add UID fields.

one set of tables, with a userid column in each table to distinguish the rows for each user