Multi Table Query

I don’t get a query over multiple tables to work.
it’s driving me nuts… :headbang:

Since i think it’s too much to post the (relevant) table structures + test data here, is there any way to provide you guys with that data or shall i post it here nontheless?

You could start by posting your query, and explain what you want to achieve.
Then, if necessary, you can post the table definitions and test data.

just post the query and the error message

good point

ok, problem solved

when writing down everything here and going through the data again trying to make it understandable, i realized that there was a missing entry in my table.
Well, as good ol’ Konfuzius already said: If data missing you cannot see.

heck, what a shame :blush:

ie, my query does work if correct/all data is provided
and now, frez, :x

Damn, we’re good! :lol: