Multi-Part Forms


I’m doing some front end development and was wondering what the best practice for a multi part for is?

Should I create the form over several pages. Or should I build the whole form and only show the current div?

If someone could advise it would be much appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you can keep it all on one page, that can often improve usability. When a form is split over multiple pages, there’s a danger that people will use the ‘back’ button and break the process in doing so. It also shows clearly from the outset how much there is to fill in, so people aren’t taken by surprise when a form goes on for ages.

If you are going to split it over multiple pages, two key things are (1) provide very obvious ‘back’ and ‘forward’ links so that all data entered is retained, and (2) provide a progress bar showing what stages have been completed and what is still to come.

Thanks for the quick reply stevie! Back and next buttons and a progress already implemented!

I shall provide the templates as separate pages in this case.

Many thanks for the help!