Multi Language help - out data from db

Hi all, i have Multi Language website. Like this

$lang['TICKETS_CUR_RUB'] = 'rub';
$lang['TICKETS_CUR_NIS'] = 'nis';
$lang['TICKETS_CUR_USD'] = 'usd';
$lang['TICKETS_CUR_EUR'] = 'eur';

Now, i need insert info to database like this

{$lang['SOME']} 20 {$lang['TICKETS_CUR_EUR']} {$lang['SOMEINFO']}

And when user change the language, the text will stay text, but in another lang.

How to do that? (And i add → global $lang but not work)

I would recommend that you look into Gettext ( Using this will make working with multilingual websites much easier.

Though, adding this to your website might take some time, so if you are in a time crunch you can do a small update and your current system should work.

Instead of using TICKETS_CUR_RUB, use TICKETS_CURRENCY for example, then each language will contain the correct currency to display, i.e. Russian will contain rub etc.

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