Multi dropping/shipping points ecommerce cms

The e-commerce project I am developing has products that can only be configured by a salesman from our side I want to know about an ecommerce cms that allows the customer to choose a salesman that he wants from the list. the product then shall be delivered to the salesman and given to the customer. the following should be there:

  1. the customer should have a choice of selecting the helper he wants at the time of checkout.
  2. the salesman should be able to see which orders are coming for him and his commission on a separate page.
  3. (optional) the mode of payment is cash primarily to avoid banging my head but I will like to integrate some payment options in the future.

I would love to hear about any hosted site or cms or cms/module setup that can do this and also examples of websites already implementing this. but please don’t go above USD100 or USD 50/month. I can code some PHP and js so please tell me if this can be done in giants like Magento or PrestaShop with some tweaking and a book/course to help me with that.

Thanks in advance.

For something customised, I would go with Padloper. It works with the Processwire CMS and framework.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I could not find any demo store or demo of this and I could not just buy it out of the box. So if you know any place that has a demo store of it or any downloadable stack that will be amazing.
Thanks again

It’s not something you buy and it works out of the box. You have to customise it and set it up before it works the way you like it. That’s what makes it so powerful. It’s worth the purchase.

Here’s a demo store:
Here’s some screenshots

If you want a demo account so you can login yourself and see how it works, ask the person to set one up for you.

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