Multi-Author Ad Sharing Formula

My blog has many authors, and I am going to begin splitting ad impression inventory with them, so they earn ad revenues. Each author will be using their own Google AdSense code on their blog posts–this eliminates the need for me, the site owner, to have to manage and distribute funds.

80% of the ad impressions will go to the authors and the other 20% will go the site.

I’m in the process of having a custom Wordpress plugin developed that will bring this functionality to life. There are several wordpress plugins already, but I can’t find any that work exactly like I want (or presently works because of lack of updates).

My big question is around how my blog will determine the 80/20 split. I have no familiarity with how this will be coded on the backend, and want to make sure that as I’m working with a developer that I have the proper checks and balances to ensure this is working properly. Is there some technical mathematical formula I should be referencing with my developer to ensure this is done correctly?


Why reinvent the wheel? There are already many plug-ins available that let you easily split AdSense revenue (and even other revenue programs) with your authors and fellow publishers. Just search on Google and you will find many good options. It may take you some time to finally settle for a particular plug-in but it will save you lots of effort on custom development.

Even if you want to develop your own custom script you will have to generate random instances that track the exact ratio of whose AdSense code is displayed according to the ratio.

Hi Storm,

Thanks for the input. I’ve tried several installations already, and half of the plugins don’t support the revenue model I want, or either haven’t been maintained. This is why I want to, unfortunately, re-invent the wheel.

Advertising Manager seems to be a popular plugin for this, but after reading the documentation, I can’t seem to get it to work correctly–the documentation is poor and the forums on Wordpress don’t give me solid answers.

Here’s an arrangement you can try.

I blog for a job-related blogsite wherein my adsense ads are displayed on the homepage. The rest of the pages of the blogsite contain ads of the owner.

The blogsite owner is a dear friend, the site is already established and he’s just giving me some income on the side. I just need to post at least once a week. Also, I have a standing offer from him, of displaying my ads in all of my own blogposts if I regularly blog at his site 3 times a week.