MSSQL import - can this be automated?

Hello everybody.

Weekly - and I probably should do it daily - I import two files into an MSSQL database. It doesnt take long - 15 minutes via the import/export wizard - but I was wondering if there was a way to setup a script or something that would do the process in one click. The settings and file names are always the same.


You could do this without any clicks at all - All it would take is a simple cron job. Just set it up to run a mysql import once a week.

Maybe something along these lines:
mysql -u username -pPassword -h localhost databaseName < data.sql

MySql != MSSQL

Anyhow, pretty easy. The import wizard should give you the option to “save the package”, which you should do. Then create a Sql Server job to execute the package at a given time.

Yikes! I read the question way to fast. :frowning: